With more than twenty seven years in the business industry, Automated Merchant Services have long enough experience and knowledge when it comes to utilizing the right techniques on how to lower down the processing costs of your business’s credit card while mounting revenues by understanding the rates provided to particular industries and seeking for the most efficient payment solutions appropriate for the needs and requirements of a merchant. Just give them a call now if you are interested to avail any of their services. Expect that they will respond to you in just a short while for they have a stand by twenty four hour customer service hotlines that will immediately attend to your needs.

Here are their services:




  • Credit card mode of payments for MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover
  • Faster payment collection
  • Various available payment solutions to meet any business needs
  • Available Next Day Funding, if qualified




Gift Cards & Loyalty

  • No paper gift certificates anymore
  • Designing your own card through our program of cost-effective and custom gift card making
  • Can effectively work with your mobile device and terminal
  • Great choice for marketing and customer retention





  • Firmly permits merchants to debit the bank account of a customer electronically
  • Maintain the lower costs on subscription services along with recurring payments
  • Uploads transactions by payment gateway, API, batch file or virtual terminal
  • Comprehensive reporting tools




PCI Compliance

  • PCI Compliance is very essential for security purposes of the cardholder and your merchant account, processing of data, transmitting and storing/li>
  • To accomplish your yearly compliance questionnaire, you may go to: PCI Compliance




Online Reporting

  • Allows you in accessing a secured site to look for batches and transactions
  • Access to your monthly statements
  • Allows you to look at your ACH deposits
  • Get a helping hand with regard to your reconciling and bookkeeping




Check Guarantee

  • Permits merchants to firmly accept and electronically process checks
  • Bank trips for depositing checks are saved
  • Decreased bad checks along with guarantee or verification options
  • Integrates with effective payment gateways and hardware of iPad POS Systems




PrePaid Cards

  • Permits merchants to load payments through PrePaid debit cards
  • Merchants could run payroll through loading weekly salaries of employees onto PrePaid cards
  • Could instantly help in terms of merchant marketing through giving away branded PrePaid cards as gift items to partners, customers and vendors
  • Compatible with companies which release Pre-Settlement Funding to victims of personal injury while waiting for the result of their settlement




Dynamic Conversion

  • Transfers transactions to the local currency of a customer whenever paying in a foreign currency
  • Effective solutions for merchants Ecommerce processing who sell goods abroad
  • Can work good in a setting with multiple foreign tourists




Cash Advance

  • We could offer your business with a lump sum of money to be paid by means of the percentage to the future sales of your credit card
  • Assists merchants who cannot get customary loans from their banks
  • Provide cash flows to merchants during off-season months




24 Hour Support

  • In rare cases that you cannot directly reach us through our cell phones or at our office, you can get help through our twenty four hour support hotline