Payment Solutions

Automated Merchant Services carries a vast inventory of state-of-the-art credit card processing equipment, payment solutions, terminals and software. We deploy everything from free EMV terminals to technologically advanced equipment with high-speed processing systems and support for EMV/NFC-enabled payments. Our systems are customized and designed to work well in any environment, including retail point of sale, supermarket/multilane, restaurant, hospitality and more.


POS Systems

  • A system of credit card processing or a computerized cash register with broad inventory and reporting capacities
  • We can incorporate with multiple POS systems in the market today
  • Effective for retail environments which has huge inventory, bars, restaurants with massive menu lists and the industry of hospitality
  • We can assist you in navigating the POS products in the market if you are planning to upgrade or looking for a new system to invest on

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Credit Card Terminals

  • Provides an easy to use payment solution for businesses
  • EMV and Contactless terminals and pin pads available
  • Our terminals can use an Ethernet connection through your internet router to run faster transactions
  • You can run your loyalty and gift card program through our terminals




Virtual Terminals

  • Used to securely run transactions in a non face-to-face environment
  • Log on to a secure website through any computer to run transactions 24 hours a day
  • Efficient way to run back office and wholesale transactions
  • Have the ability to securely save client information for future and recurring sales




Payment Gateways

  • Needed to integrate your Ecommerce website with merchant services
  • We are a reseller of several major brand gateways including &
  • Integrate with hundreds of shopping carts for your Ecommerce site or use the quick and simple “Buy Now” buttons to sell your products online
  • Advanced reporting tools to capture customer and product information




Electronic Billing & Invoicing

  • Send electronic invoices for more cost effective and faster collections
  • Helps reduce time and money spent on generating traditional paper invoices
  • Customers can securely pay bill online directly through electronic invoice
  • Track customer’s payments




QuickBooks POS Integration

  • We can integrate our merchant services with your QuickBooks POS software
  • More cost effective than Intuit’s merchant services
  • Comes with our hands-on customer service
  • Includes extra back office reporting tools for your bookkeeping




QuickBooks Business Solutions Integration

  • We can integrate our merchant services with your QuickBooks bookkeeping software
  • Securely stores customer information for future sales
  • More cost effective than Intuit’s merchant services
  • Comes with our hands-on customer service




Mobile Processing

  • Now you can process credit cards through your smart phone or tablet
  • Bring the point of sale to your customer
  • Also works with our custom gift card program
  • Comes with extensive back office reporting tools and virtual terminal




Tablet POS Processing

  • Save money by using your tablet as a cost effective POS System
  • Good for retail stores with light inventory
  • Good for bars and caf├ęs with small menus
  • Reporting tools to chart employee work hours to maximize profits




Wireless terminals

  • When you need a broader solution than mobile processing
  • Gives you the ability to still print a traditional receipt from a compact credit card terminal
  • Good in environments where you have many transactions and need something sturdier than a dongle swiper on a mobile device